Bay of islands, NZ

This is a group of Musicians with huge talent!!

They have performed several times at the Bay of Islands Country Rock Festival in Paihia, New Zealand. They were a hit with the crowds at every venue they performed in. Their musical ability, presentation on stage and dress standards was very high. They are an act on their own to watch, with their smooth vocals and instruments that talk.

I would recommend this group to any musical organization.

Yours Faithfully
Shirley May (organiser for 20 years of the
Bay of Islands Country Rock Festival)

Matamata Club, NZ

To whom it may concern,
White Goat have played at the Matamata Club for a period of four years or more. During this
time they have built a large fan base, which included both young and old. This can be attributed
to there vast song knowledge and the ability to read the crowd, and play suitable music.
The bands performance was always well above expectation, and there equipment was excellent.
There final performance, in New Zealand, was held at the Matamata Club on the 14th
September 2007. This performance attracted a very large crowd of aproxx 800, and over tripled
our sales for a band night. This still remains as our second largest ever turnover in a single day,
and only outdone by the millennium (2000), of Which also White Goat Performed!
I highly recommend White Goat, for any future performances.
Please do not hesitate to contact myself further, for any queries you may have,
Daniel Scelly
Club Manager


NAB - National Australia Bank

 "We asked the White Goat Band to play at our corporate dinner. They were great entertainment, providing an eclectic mix of current music and past hits, which got the team on their feet and added to the enjoyment to the night. I wouldn't hesitate recommending the band  - they will add energy and fun to any evening,"
Lizzy Geremia
Executive Manager
NAB Retail
National Australia Bank