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Leisa, Morrinsville

How are you? I listened to your new CD in the weekend and it is wicked! Have a good week. Leis

Tony, Matamata

Looking forward to the NZ Tour!(tsmile)

steve, hamilton nz

good to hear all is going well in the land of OZ miss you at the matamata club all the best for the future cheers:D

Jimmy, Tauranga

Hi guys, your new cd is pretty flash, and has a very polished sound .I think you did a great job on" no one to blame" . The cover is really cool, good luck with the record sales, any way i better go the chevs calling , P/S hope your rehab is going well .:P

Reney, USA

Hey there. Great to hear you all still sounding great. Love to catch a gig again. It's been awhile since I saw you play.

Tammy D'Ath, Northland, NZ

Woah...Love your guys sound and your website is wicked!!!!... I wanna see you guys play live again!! Last time I saw you guys play was at the fire station, I was about 9 or 10 I think.Now Im 24! What the hell.he he. Love you guys! Hope to catch up sometime! xoxoxoxoxo

Joel, School

hi its joel im ment to be doing school work but im just doing this instead :P

Jackie, Ballarat

Hey guys.... Cant wait to have u guys play for my 21st! Miss u guys lots!(smile2) p.s Bring on the 17th

Marcus, UK

Hi guys, great to see all is going well and hope the New Year bash was cool, wish I was there!!! From your most distant fan - Marcus (UK)(H)

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