Under the Influence






Well... here it is... finally!

For a start we would not have been able to accomplish this, without the love and support of our friends and family!!!

We would also like to thank all of our fans who stand by us and give us encouragement!

A huge thanks goes out to Iain McGrail (Under Grace Studio) for lending us his ears in the masstering and production of our works.  We would also like to thank the ver talented Katrina Younger for her skill in the designing.

Its been a long time coming... and we have had to get those creative juices flowing... so we hope you will get as much enjoyment out of this CD as we did in making it!


White Goat - 2006



Howdy Folks!
Well here it is our second album!!!
It’s been a long time “Under the Influence” and we are happy to say we have finally made it to “Rehab”!!!
With great thanks to our therapist Chris Wilson of 
“Chris Wilson recordings”, for his mood lit sessions within the padded room, Our Soul Dr reached deep into our minds and nurtured our music to life!!!
From the echoing halls of Rehab, we wish to thank the 
Soothing tones of Jimmy Sloggett on Sax!
Standing in the shadows, bringing harmony to our song, we also honour our Sister Leanne Cryer for keeping us strong.
To the patients who joined us in Therapy, Mad Matty, Coma Kendal, & Lieutenant Dan…we did it, we’re out!! 
To our imported Monkey Richie White…
”If you’ve got any poo, now is the time to fling it”
Our time in Rehab has been one hell of a journey and one we will not forget!
Now…A toast to our families & Friends…
Let’s Get Smashed!!!
White Goat 2010